Morgan's areas of specialty are the treatment of chronic disorders, massage for respiratory conditions, and workplace injury recovery and prevention. She is passionate about advancing the use of massage therapy within healthcare and forging close community ties.

Erin's career interests include the role of massage in stress management, finding balance through therapeutic touch and integrating components of health and wellness for a variety of body types, individuals, and situations.

At the heart of all things Adam strives to provide client centered care, focusing on the needs and the goals of the client to provide effective and efficient care. For Adam this is the meaning behind "Axis". Our clients represent the axis around which the wheel of treatment and rehabilitation revolves around.

Nathaniel strives to work with his clients to provide them effective and efficient treatments with a focus on education and developing a variety of home care techniques that will help prolong the benefits of massage.

Lara's positive experiences with manual therapy and interest in strength-training led her to leave a desk job to pursue a career in massage. She strives to determine and address the root cause of her clients' discomfort and provide them with the knowledge they require to prevent recurrence and be well in their bodies. Lara values communication with her clients and will make sure you feel welcome during your assessment and treatment.

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Axis Registered Massage Therapy specializes in creating goal-oriented and comprehensive treatments to give our clients the best outcomes possible. Our therapists are passionate about creating comprehensive treatment plans that address our clients' specific impairments and short or long term goals.


  At Axis RMT, we incorporate various techniques and specialized education with evidence-based treatment protocols to produce the best results for you. Your appointments will include the best techniques in massage therapy, soft tissue mobilization, fascial mobilization, corrective exercise, and at home education.


Our Registered Massage Therapists are skilled in identifying and treating:


• Workplace injuries

• Chronic & overuse injuries

• Sport & Orthopaedic injuries


We can also help assist with:


• Managing sleep disorders

• Wellness & Relaxation

• Managing Stress, Depression, Anxiety and other Mental Health concerns.

Fee Schedule

Specialized Services


Active Release Techniques (ART):


A movement based massage technique applied without the use of lotion.


Initial Treatment 30 minutes − $60

Follow up Treatment 20 minutes − $60


Myofascial Release (MFR):


Gentle sustained pressure applied by hand without the use of lotion to target the Fascial network of the body.

90 Minutes − $135

75 Minutes − $115

60 Minutes − $60


Fascial Stretch Therapy:

Table based assisted stretching that focus on fascia and joint capsule.


90 Minutes  − $135

 75 Minutes − $115

60 Minutes − $95

45 Minutes − $75

30 Minutes − $60

Registered Massage Therapy


Initial appointment 60 minutes  $95

This includes 15 min. assessment & 45 min treatment.


Further Treatments:


90 Minutes  − $135

 75 Minutes − $115

60 Minutes − $95

45 Minutes − $75

30 Minutes − $60

* Prices include HST







Cancellation Fee:


We understand if you need to cancel or reschedule.  Please give your therapist 24 hours notice or you may subject to a 100% cancellation fee.


Many private insurance packages cover all or a portion of Registered Massage Therapy and its related services.  We encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with the specific coverage and requirements of their health plans before they seek out treatment at Axis RMT.


As a benefit to our clients we are registered with Telus Health Portal and Medavie Blue Cross and may be able to directly bill to the insurance companies we work with.

Manulife Financial

Sunlife Financial

Great West Life

Medavie-Blue Cross

Johnson Inc.

Johnson Group Inc.

Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance

Desjardins Insurance


Industrial Alliance

First Canadian

Direct Billing


RCMP and Veterans Affairs clients insured with Medavie Blue Cross will benefit from streamlined access and no paperwork!


We MUST have a current prescription on file at all times if we are submitting directly to BlueCross on your behalf.  Our recommendation is that you update your prescription at the beginning of January each year.


Direct Billing for our Sunlife Clients:


If you are a federal public service employee covered through Sunlife, unfortunately, that plan does not allow for our clinic to directly submit to your specific plan.


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198 McArthur Ave

Ottawa, ON